müll​Zimmer at the Montague Arms

Performance at müllZimmer «Less Apparent Horizon» publication and launch event at the Montague Arms New Cross London.

mullzimmer Performance mullzimmer Performance
Photos: Pavel Legonkov  

Performers for the nite were: Jonas Gustafsson / Florian Zeisig  |  Kevin Cormack / Martin Slattery | Conspirators of Pleasure  |  John Wall / Alex Rodgers.

The publication itself is a perfect-bound 54-page collection of written works exploring language, landscape, listening, structure and meaning, and features all new works by Angus Carlyle, Kevin Cormack, Louise Evans, Mathew Fowler, Clay Gold, Jonas Gustafsson, Aimée Henderson, Bryn Lloyd, Catherine Madden, Lia Mazzari, Zolan Quobble and Timothy Wouts.