Mishti Dance – Poplar Union London

Excerpts from our improvised performance at Mishti Dance, Poplar Union London – in the shadow of the BIG BEAST – Canary Wharf. This performance references the work of radical South Asian musicians and Caribbean surrealists. Video by Gary Stewart and Reynir Hutber (intro). Line-up for the hight: Conspirators of Pleasure | The Tuts | Kapil Seshasayee | Soundar Ananda.

"It is a matter of becoming conscious of the formidable mass of different energies that until now have been trapped within us. We must now use them in their plenitude, without deviation or falsification. Too bad for those who consider us dreamers. The most disturbing reality is ours. We will act. This earth, our earth, can only be what we want it to be…" Suzanne Césaire – A Civilsation’s Discontent – 1942.