Clandestino Sweden

Clandestino Festival

The Conspirators of Pleasure are booked to perform at this summer’s amazing Clandestino Festival in Gothenburg Sweden.

“With an electrified sitar, effects units, laptops, random toys in yellow and pink plastic, old radios and a massive knot of cables to connect everything, The Conspirators of Pleasure improvises peculiar sessions that operates on the borders of music and sound art. The duo consists of two vetarans from the London underground scene: Poulomi Desai (The Dead Jalebis) and Simon Underwood (The Pop Group). Together they seek to dissolve the expectations on what a live performance should be, and at the same time they create a new shape of the acoustic landscape by establishing self-generating sound systems, chance and other Cagean strategies. It’s not always “beautiful” – and don’t expect any understandable melodies! This is live music that throws itself into the unknown and takes almost every risk possible”  (Clandestino Festival)

Other artists performing include:  Nisennenmondai, Ibibio Sound Machine, Mykki Blanco, Houwaida with Olof Dreijer from The Knife, Raza Khan, D.WattsRiot.